QSL’s received in January 2017

Well, back again from Aihkiniemi and the AIH68 expedition. I guess that some of you are curious about the AIH68-log. It’s on it’s way, and I beleive that we’re able to publish the first draft within a month or so. We have plenty of recordings to examine! The full “AIH68-story” will be published together with the first log draft.

In the mean time, here’s the list of verifications received in January:

Radio Maria, Monaco-1467

North America:
CFAR Flin Flon MB-590
CHAB Moose Jaw SK-800
CJAR The Pas MB-1240
KPNW Eugene OR-1120
KDYM Sunnyside WA-1230
KRCM Shenandoah TX-1380
KXZZ Lake Charles LA-1580

Utility / Time Signal Stations:
PPE Observatório Nacional, Rio de Janeiro-10000

Off to Aihkiniemi!

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m heading for Aihkiniemi and the AIH68 expedition, together with Finnish Co-DX:er Ronny Klemets. AIH68 “officially” starts up at noon on saturday. There will be no updates here in the blog while I’m on the expedition, but the full story will be published here when I’m back home again!

May The Force… etcetera…

KDYM Sunnyside WA-1230

Nice e-mail verification from KDYM, received in AIH February 6 last year. Unfortunately no veriesigner, as the QSL was signed with just “La Estación de la Familia”. Anyway, a new nice graveyarder added into the collection and yet another Washington-station added to the bounch already verified.


KXZZ Lake Charles LA-1580

Not many stations from Louisiana to be found in my QSL collection. Actually, until yesterday the Great State of Louisiana was only represented by WWLkxzz-1580-870. However, yesterday I received a nice e-mail verification from Chief Engineer Greg Davis on KXZZ, who confirmed my reception of the station in February 2016 in AIH. KXZZ is a pretty scarce catch on the frequency. The 1 kW transmitter is serving the Lake Charles area in southwestern Louisiana with a sport’s format, affiliated to CBS Sport’s Radio. Nice one!

CFAR Flin Flon MB-590

…not really a big surprise, right? Well, a couple of minutes after receiving the QScfar-590L from CJAR-1240, Dianne Russel also confirmed my reception of CFAR-590. This is also a pretty difficult catch, even for us up here in the Scandinavian Arctic. 590 kHz is usually totally dominated by KHAR in Anchorage, but sometimes the propagation on the mediumwave band gets very selective, favouring stations from a quite limited area. As this morning in AIH, when both CJAR and CFAR was received simultaneously. Quite amazing, actually…

So, there you have it! A pretty nice “double of more or less scarce canadian AM-stations”.


CJAR The Pas MB-1240

Due to odd working hours, I haven’t been able to update the blog the last days – but, one who’s waiting for something good is always waiting too long, right? Anyway, by the end of last week I received a couple of verifications, definetely belonging into the cathcjar-1240egory “more or less scarce canadian AM-stations”. The first one came from CJAR The Pas, Manitoba, which is found on 1240 kHz. CJAR was logged in the beginning of February last year, during my AIH55 expedition. Dianne Russell is the station manager for CJAR and also the sister station CFAR, both owned by Arctic Radio, and serving remote communities in northern Manitoba. Dianne answered by reception report, and confirmed my reception of CJAR with a very friendly e-mail.

A very welcomed QSL indeed!

QSL’s received in December 2016

Not so many verifications received in December, but still a few pretty nice ones. By the way, today we experience some terrible weather here in Vardø. One in a row of polar low pressures is hitting Vardø with lots og snow and very hard winds with up to 25-30 m/s in the gusts. Definetely staying indoors today…

North Americakfmb-760

KFMB San Diego CA-760
KFH Wichita KS-1240
KIML Gillette WY-1270
KXQZ Wendell ID-1340
KLFE Seattle WA-1590
KDZR Lake Oswego OR-1640
KBJD Denver CO-1650
KBGG Des Moines IA-1700

Utility / NDB

NDB “HEI” (LF3N)-340
NDB “ZF” Yellowknife NT-356
NDB “FE” Odense-423

KXQZ Wendell ID-1340

A couple of days ago, I received a nice e-mail  from kxqz-1340
Bill Peske at KXQZ, confirming my reception of
the station in AIH, february 2nd. Yet another graveyard station added to my  collection, and a pretty good one as well. Just a few weeks left now, and I’ll be on my way to my next expedition to AIH!


KIML Gillette WY-1270

A very nice “Pre-Christmas-QSL” from KIML-1270, kiml-1270
which was heard with a nice legal ID, February 7 in
Aihkiniemi. v/s Terry Michael, Program Director at the station, answered my follow up report with a verification e-mail. Wyoming-station #5, so it was indeed a very welcomed QSL!

QSL’s received in November

BBC Three Counties Radio-630
AFN Okinawa-648
KNR Qeqertarsuaq GRL-650greenland-knr
CBK Watrous SK-540
CBX Edmonton AB-740
CBW Winnipeg MB-990
CHFC Churchill MB-1230
KVI Seattle WA-570
KCSJ Pueblo CO-590
KPOJ Portland OR-620
KBYR Anchorage AK-700
KHHO Tacoma WA-850
WISN Milwaukee WI-1130wisn
KSOO Sioux Falls SD-1140
KWG Stockton CA-1230
KEXO Grand Junction CO-1230
KJCR Billings MT-1240
KCCR Pierre SD-1240
KKDZ Seattle WA-1250
WGBF Evansville IN-1280
KWKW Los Angeles CA-1330
WLOL Minneapolis MN-1330
KTIK Nampa ID-1350
KKBJ Bemidji MN-1360
KXTL Butte MT-1370
KLIN Lincoln NE-1400ktik1
KEDO Longview WA-1400
WRED Westbrook ME-1440
KMED Medford OR-1440
KUTI Yakima WA-1460
KELA Centralia-Chehalis WA-1470
KKAN Phillipsburg KS-1490
KOZN Omaha NE-1620
WQLR Kalamazoo MI-1660
KFSG Roseville CA-1690