Monthly Archives: July 2011

The files section, and some other stuff…

…as some of you most probably have noted already, the section with downloadable files and logs is empty. I know that some of you have downloaded a few of the testfiles that I had uploaded earlier. Just a reminder: these are just test-files. Yes, they are actual log-files, but the logs are not from Vardø – they are from Biri on Østlandet. I´m currently reworking the files-section, that’s why it’s currently empty, and I hope to be finished later this week.

Saturday evening/night to sunday, I went on a “mini pedition” to a QRM-free environment just about 1 km from my home, and did some listening from the car. More about that, and a few pictures from the event, later this week.

Vigra 630 KHz – farewell!

Yesterday, June 30, the mediumwave transmitter on Vigra island was shut down.  Since 1934 the 100 KW transmitter has fulfilled an important service for the fishing fleets and other mariners along the coast, carrying the the NRK 1 and NRK Møre og Romsdal programmes.  Now it’s silent, which means that there are possibilities to hear weaker signals on 630 KHz. I was listening for a while yesterday evening here in Biri, and the dominating station was (not surprislingly) Romania Actualitate. There was also an arabic speaking station, carrying recitation from the Holy Qu’ran, which I at first guessed was Kuwait. However, co-DX:er Bengt Ericsson in Växjö has ID:ed the station as RTT Tunisia. Thanks, Bengt!

630 KHz will be a very interesting, and among DXers, also a very busy frequency when the mediumwave season 2011/12 starts up. Lot’s of interesting DX here, and maybe I (after some 25 years) will get BBC Radio Cornwall in the log?