Settled in Vardø

Ok. First of all: I’m very sorry for the lack of updates in the blog, but now I promise to update at least once per day when I’m up here. Well, I arrived in Vardø August 29, and decided to check the MW-band immedeately. Mostly to find out if there is any local QRM-sources, and yes, there is. A few plasmas and other noise generating stuff is present, but the situation is not nearly as bad as it is in my home QTH in Biri. I used my ICF-2010 with the ferrite rod only and around 21 UTC I found Family Radio, Taiwan, on 1557 KHz with local strength. Promising? Yes!

On September 3, I erected my portable mast, populated with two 25-meter delta loops. One in NW-SE and the other one in NE-SW. Both loops are just balun-fed, as my HDLA amplifiers and Bias-Tee:s are not to be delivered until mid-october. Never mind, I will be on a business-trip between September 19 and October 17 anyway, hi! The loops are phased by means of my MFJ-1026, and the arrangement seems to work ok, but it’s far from optimal. Well, when the HDLA’s arrives it will be an easy task to hook them to the loops and then everything should be “swell”.

I´ve been listening for two evenings and early mornings now. Sofar nothing from North America. Guess that conditions are pretty disturbed right now, as stations in the Middle East (and especially Iran) is coming in with enormous signals from time to time. However, a few nice stations in the Far East, such as JOLF Tokyo on 1242 KHz, All India Radio Rajkot on 810 KHz, All India Radio Jalandhar on 873 KHz, V o Kuanghua Hsinfeng (TWN) on 981 KHz and TWR Puttalam on 882 KHz are now in the log, as well as some other Chinese and Iranian stations. I was especially pleased to log JOLF already the first evening with my “mismatched” loops – which prooves that the system is theoretically working, and most likely will work even better with the HDLA amp’s connected. Anyhow, JOLF was my first japanese station on Mediumwave and the occasion was celebrated with a glass of Single Malt, hi!

Tonight I will try to improve the feeding of the loops, then it will be a few hours of listening during the evening. Will be back tomorrow with more updates!



About Hans

Male. 50 years young. DX:er since 1980. In September 2011 I moved up to Vardø on Vardøya Island (EU-141) to start working as manager for the Coast Radio station in Vardø. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work with the thing that I think is the most interesting in the whole world - Radio! My main interest is, yeah - you guessed right: Radio. I'm a ham radio operator, holding the callsign LA2MOA. My main radio interests is low power operation and low band DXing on the amateur bands, but also mediumwave and tropical band DX-listening. I'm also interested in angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying. The area around Vardø offers some great opportunities to do all of this. And, since I'm of swedish origin, I'm also madly interested in ice-hockey and since 35 years I'm a hardcore supporter of Rögle BK in Ängelholm - one of the few really true hockey clubs left in Sweden.

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