A few nice catches from the Far East

Yesterday evening turned out to be pretty nice, DX-wise. At around 1800 UTC I started to look for the low band Aussies, and especially 4QN on 630 KHz. There was a faint carrier on the frequency, but it was not possible to detect any audio at the time. Further up the band, the noise and QRM increased, especially on frequencys above 1100 KHz. I decided to abort the “aussie-hunt” and instead have a last go in trying to solve the very annoying QRM-problem, which has tormented me for a couple of days now. As it turned out, this was a very wise thing to do, and those of you who read my posts from yesterday knows that the “root of evil” was my own laptop. So, to keep a long story short, I continued to listen with my ICF-2001D (i.e. an ICF-2010) hooked up to my phased delta array. Listening to MW with the ol´Sony in AM-sync mode is nothing but a true pleasure. It’s sensitive, and with the filter modifications I’ve done, the selectivity is great!

Already before i started my last and final “QRM-solving mission” I noted Family Radio, Taiwan on 1557 KHz with a strong and solid signal already at 1755 UTC. When I started listening with the ol´Sony, I noted HLAZ, Jeju on 1566 KHz at 1900 UTC with respectable strength and I assumed that it then would be possible to snag one or two pretty good ones, even with such a modest antenna setup as I currently use. I almost immedeately found an UNID chinese station on 1512 KHz which was fighting a quite un-even battle with the iranian co-channel. I think I have an announcement, maybe even an ID, from the chinese one recorded, so we’ll see what I may find out about this one. Besides that, a number of strong chinese signals was noted above 1300 KHz, for instance CNR 1 on 1377 KHz and RCI on 1422 KHz, to mention a few of them.

At 2055 UTC I found an interesting chinese speaking station on 1278 Khz, carrying a phone-in programme. Announcements on the full hour was recorded and analyzed and it turned out to be Hebei Peoples Broadcasting Station. Not un-common in any way, but a nice new one for me. In my ears, the recording quality of the full hour announcements and ID is good enough for an audio reception report.

Yesterday evening’s best catch, however, was BEE32 Chiao Yü Broadcasting System, Sanchung (TWN), which was received between 2320-2340 UTC with a pretty good signal on 1494 KHz. BEE32 is the main station in the National Education Radio of Taiwan. The station ID was recorded at 2330 UTC, and this was a also a pretty good one for me as it shows what the phased array system is capable of. It will, of course be even better when I receive the loop-amps/matching units.

The evening/early night session was ended together with Cyprus BC on 963 KHz, who carried a show with non-stop greek ballads and romantic songs. Quite a nice signal between 0030 and 0100 UTC. Ok, we may call it a “quasi-DX” catch, but it’s still a new one for me. Station ID and a few short announcements was recorded at 0100 UTC, before the station faded and me too. It was definetely bedtime, hi!

Tonight I’m going to play with a “new” receiver, a Skanti R-5001 (borrowed from my work) to see what it’s capable of on mediumwave. The romour says it’s a very good MW-receiver, since it´s equipped with a built in preselector. Well, we’ll see! Filters is said to be excellent and AM-reception too. I’m curious!

The “aussie-hunt” continues. Really hope to catch one before I leave Vardø next sunday. When I’m back here again, on October 17, it may be too late…



About Hans

Male. 50 years young. DX:er since 1980. In September 2011 I moved up to Vardø on Vardøya Island (EU-141) to start working as manager for the Coast Radio station in Vardø. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work with the thing that I think is the most interesting in the whole world - Radio! My main interest is, yeah - you guessed right: Radio. I'm a ham radio operator, holding the callsign LA2MOA. My main radio interests is low power operation and low band DXing on the amateur bands, but also mediumwave and tropical band DX-listening. I'm also interested in angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying. The area around Vardø offers some great opportunities to do all of this. And, since I'm of swedish origin, I'm also madly interested in ice-hockey and since 35 years I'm a hardcore supporter of Rögle BK in Ängelholm - one of the few really true hockey clubs left in Sweden.

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