Leaving Vardø

I’m leaving Vardø for a while now, and will not be back until October 17. Hope condx is better when I get back here. The last weekend was dominated by a class G1 storm, and at it’s worst the MW-band sounded like a frying-pan up here. So, I’ve spent some time doing other things than radio.

Anyway, I will try to update the blog from time to time also when I’m away. I’ve loaded my USB memory stick with some .mp3-recordings that I haven’t examined yet, so I have definetely some radio-related stuff to spend time with during lonely evenings in boring hotel rooms, hi!

73 for now,



About Hans

Male. 50 years young. DX:er since 1980. In September 2011 I moved up to Vardø on Vardøya Island (EU-141) to start working as manager for the Coast Radio station in Vardø. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work with the thing that I think is the most interesting in the whole world - Radio! My main interest is, yeah - you guessed right: Radio. I'm a ham radio operator, holding the callsign LA2MOA. My main radio interests is low power operation and low band DXing on the amateur bands, but also mediumwave and tropical band DX-listening. I'm also interested in angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying. The area around Vardø offers some great opportunities to do all of this. And, since I'm of swedish origin, I'm also madly interested in ice-hockey and since 35 years I'm a hardcore supporter of Rögle BK in Ängelholm - one of the few really true hockey clubs left in Sweden.

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  1. Hi Hans

    Yes conditions poor I do enjoy your blog. I like your logs of stations other than from the Americas. I think I should like to give that a go. Are there any frequency lists available, Im not sure where to start with it !

    Have a good trip

    Mark Davies

    • Hello Mark!

      Thanks a lot! Glad you like the blog! Well, I guess there will be a lot more from The Americas later on this fall and winter, but September and October are generally a good season for Asia. At least this far north. Regarding lists of Asian stations; Well, there are of course WRTH, but the one I think is the best is this one:


      If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find the LW and MW frequency tables on the right side. Good luck DX:ing Asia and keep posting comments!


  2. När åker du till Biri och så? Så jag vet på en höft när jag kan komma och hälsa på?

    • Är på Biri nu, och åker till Stavanger på söndag. Kommer tillbaks till Biri igen den 14/10. Den 17/10 drar jag upp till Vardø igen. Se’n kommer jag ner en runda igen i November, men vet i dagsläget inte exakt när. Är iallafall på Biri unde jul/nyår.

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