SKAG2: The Vorsteh, God’s third mistake…

Got home from my second mini-pedtition an hour ago, and I wish I had more energy. If that would have been the case, I had stayed for one more night and morning, but I’m just too tired. Seems I’m getting too old for this? Anyway, I’ve been awake for almost 40 hours now, and I’m seriously tired. I’m just going to finish this post and then hit the sack for a few hours.

There was quite a few interesting stations from Asia present during the late afternoon and evening. I’ll get back to these when I have checked my recordings. Audible signals from North America was noted at 02:20 UTC and I logged about 35 stations during the night and morning. I could have logged a lot more if I had used my SDR-IQ in IF-recording mode, of course, but I’m still very satisfied with the result. Like I previously said, if I had the energy I would stayed for another night.

Highlights of the morning was KCJB Minot ND-910, KLTC Dickinson ND-1460 and KKAA Aberdeen SD-1560. I guess there’s more to discover in the recordings, since there were multiple stations recorded on a couple of frequencys.

The second mini-pedition to Cape Scagen was suddenly terminated by a unleashed Vorsteh. The dog runned thru all the three BOG’s of mine, making “spaghetti” of them, before it turned back and jumped the hood of my car and runned over the car via the windscreen. No owner of the dog was in sight. The time was 09:35 UTC and there was still NA-stations present on the band. Well, I was planning to head back home at 10:00 UTC, so this wasn’t a big catastrophy after all. Now I have an interesting job to separate the antenna wires from eachother, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to separate the Vorsteh from them.

Frank Zappa once said that God’s first mistake was to create Human. His second mistake was the Poodle. I like to fill in, and state that God’s third mistake must be the Vorsteh. With or without owner…

I’m returning with the complete log when everything is sorted out and all recordings are checked. Now: Bed.



About Hans

Male. 50 years young. DX:er since 1980. In September 2011 I moved up to Vardø on Vardøya Island (EU-141) to start working as manager for the Coast Radio station in Vardø. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work with the thing that I think is the most interesting in the whole world - Radio! My main interest is, yeah - you guessed right: Radio. I'm a ham radio operator, holding the callsign LA2MOA. My main radio interests is low power operation and low band DXing on the amateur bands, but also mediumwave and tropical band DX-listening. I'm also interested in angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying. The area around Vardø offers some great opportunities to do all of this. And, since I'm of swedish origin, I'm also madly interested in ice-hockey and since 35 years I'm a hardcore supporter of Rögle BK in Ängelholm - one of the few really true hockey clubs left in Sweden.

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