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Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat-1602

Got a nice e-mail QSL from Tapani Häkkinen at SWR today. I heard the station on 1602 KHz the 3rd of February, and the signal from the 1KW(?) transmitter in Virrat, Finland, was pretty good. Scandinavian Weekend Radio transmits only once a month, generally 24 hours the first saturday between 00:00 and 24:00 local time (UTC + 2).

Scandinavian Weekend Radio isn’t bound to any distinct programme format. SWR plays all kinds of pop and rock music, and you may hear Rainbow, Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin, as well as Roxy Music, Simple Minds and David Bowie on this station, generally mixed by very kompetent DJ:s. SWR is completely legal and should not be labelled as a pirate, because it’s not.

SWR may be a good one to hunt for on their MW-frequency, for DXers in central and southern Europe (and if propagation exceeds above normal, even for DXers more far away). They also transmit on the 49 and 25 meter bands on shortwave, but that doesn’t count ;). Next time they’re on the air is 2-3 March 22:00-22:00 UTC (3rd of March 00:00-24:00 Finnish time).

If you wish more information about SWR, visit their home page on the Internet: Link

73’s de Hans

Now this must be a joke… or..?

Hey! Check this out: Link

The Aerosol Spray Antenna! What’s next? The Aerosol Ferrite Spray? With one spraybox of each you will be able to spray up at least a 20″ FSL anywhere  in no time.


CHED Edmonton AB-630

Even before NRK closed the Vigra transmitter on 630 KHz, CHED in Edmonton AB was one of the most common transpolar stations that could be heard on the frequency. There is of course “better” DX lurking on 630, but this is actually one of the north american stations that I have logged from my job, using just my ICF-2010 and a simple wire on the ground. Today I received a very nice e-mail from the Chief Engineer on the station, Tom Davies, who wrote:

“Dear Hans;
I am pleased to confirm your reception of CHED on January 6, 2012. We receive numerous reception reports from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Lapland during the winter months when the Ionosphere is stable in the Northern Hemisphere. Thank you for taking the time to send your reception report!”

Very nice indeed, to get CHED confirmed. It may be a very common station, but that also means that it has becomed almost a good friend on the MW band.

The audio clip is found here.



Unid’s: Rowdy Radio promo on 1540 KHz

Okey. Here’s a tough one. Heard in the morning on January 15 up in Vardø. Frequency is 1540 KHz and the station is doing a promo for “Rowdy Radio”, which is a hardcore country show. No ID was heard while the station was audiable in the noise. At the same time 1570-CKMW Winkler MB was heard. The unid station on 1540 is announcing a Rowdy Radio event on 1 AM Central time. I don’t think it’s KXEL, since this seems to be way out of their format. The question is: what station, or stations, on 1540 carry the Rowdy Radio Show?

(Audio clip removed to save space on



Update: Ok, mystery solved. It was indeed KXEL with a promo for Red Eye Radio. Thanks to co-DXer Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl for helping me out with this one!

KGO San Francisco, SF-810

A couple of days ago I got a nice e-mail QSL from Larry Jimenez who is working as a technichian in the Cumulus Media Group. Larry, who confirmed my e-mail reception report of KGO, is serving both KSFO and KGO. Yet another “west coaster” confirmed and I owe Larry a lot, because it wasn’t easy to get KGO confirmed, even if the station is heard quite regularly on 810 KHz in Northern Scandinavia. KGO was, for a number of decades, quite unique among news/talk-stations in the US –  doing all their programming themselves. Until 2007 KGO was the westcoast flagship station in the ABC network, until the station was bought by the Citadel Broadcasting. KGO is now owned by the Cumulus Media Group.

The KGO-810 audio clip is found here.



Ultralight MW DXing

Being a ham and an avid QRP-operator, I love new challenges in the radio hobby. I’ve decided to give Ultralight MW-DXing a really serious effort this year. I’m excited about the definition of Ultralight DXing, the heart and soul of the whole concept, which states that the DXer who are using ultralight equipment “...intentionally limit the capabilities of their equipment to increase the challenge and to highlight DXing techniques and knowledge…”.  Well, to me this means that Ultralight DXing is the BCB-DX relative to QRP-operating in amateur radio. QRP-operators are very often saying that “power is no substitute for skill” – which is true, and that “less is more” or just “QRP IS!!”. Well, all of this is true and indeed applicable also in Ultralight DXing. Less definetely IS more and large monster antennas in combination with sophisticated receivers is no substitute for skill. Sure, big antennas and multi-buck-receivers really helps – but the most important parameters in being a successful DXer is access to a quiet QTH, a pair of good ears and skillful DXing-techniques.

It will be interesting to explore this wonderful new aspect of the DX-hobby!

Ultralight IS!!


Sun’s coming back…

ImageMuch better weather today, than it has been for several weeks. The sun has been over the horizon for about two weeks, but it hasn’t been visible due to ice-fog. This picture was taken from my work at 10:40 UTC today. Note the 5m fiberglass pole, to the right of the chapel, housing my phased HDLA-loops. You can click on the picture to see it better.

Some interesting african stations on shortwave today; Radio Télé Candip on 5066,3 KHz and Dunamis BC, Kampala on 4750 KHz during the late afternoon. More about these two loggings later on. Right now Radio Congo is quite good on 6115 KHz.



It’s getting better… slowly…

Well, after the last two weeks of extreme solar activity and space weather, conditions on mediumwave and the lower shortwave bands is slowly getting better. Still nothing from North America on MW yet, but it takes time for the band to recover. Tropical bands and lower shortwave is also improving. I’ve been listening for some periods since last friday, and I will get back to you when I got the logs sorted out be the end of the week. I’m currently quite busy at work and I’m leaving Vardø for about a month on thursday.