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Some inactivity…

Well, I haven’t been writing for a while due to extremely poor conditions, a heavy workload and some business trips. I will, however, try to do some updates during the weekend. A few new QSL’s has arrived and I’ve been testing some *very* portable equipment the last few days. More about all this very soon! Have patience, friends!

Edit 26th of March; Ok, folks… looks like it will take one or two days more before I get time to do my updates, due to some unexpected family matters.



KAGV Big Lake AK-1110

A tentative QSL on a tentative report? Well, a couple of days ago I got a nice e-mail from Brian Blair, the Interim Station Manager on KAGV, as response on my tentative report of the station. I was quite sure that it was KAGV that I received on 1110 KHz, since there was pretty good signals on several AK-stations that particular morning and Brian, who also seems to be pretty sure about my reception of KAGV, writes:

“Dear Hans,

Thank you for your reception report including the audio attachment.

I was unable to understand any of the words of the audio. However, given the time of day of your reception and the voice, I am reasonably sure you were hearing KAGV 1110 KHZ. The voice sounds like James McDonald, the speaker on the Walk in the Word broadcast We air this program weekday evenings at 11:30PM and the broadcast runs 26 minutes.

Again, thank you for your report and for sharing information about yourself and your hobby.


I feel a lot of gratitude when I receive an answer like this one. This means that someone at the station really took time to deal with my reception report. Thanks, Brian! Until I get a better reception of KAGV, I will count in this one as “sort of” a QSL.