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AIH22 log update, December 26

Examining a file from the late morning of the 30th of November was quite interesting. I’m not finished with the file yet, only been doing 1300-1700 kHz, but still found a couple of new ones, such as: XEPE ESPN Radio, Tecte-1700, KDDZ Arvada CO-1690, KTIQ Merced CA-1660, KFOX Torrance CA-1650, KGAL Lebanon OR-1580, KBLA Santa Monica CA-1580, KVAN Burbank WA-1560, KKOV Vancouver WA-1550, KRPI Ferndale WA-1550, KEYG Grand Coulee WA-1490, KDBM Dillon MT-1490, KYKN Keizer OR-1430, XECF La Mexicana, Los Mochis-1410, WLCM Holt MI-1390, KKMO Tacoma WA-1360, KSCJ Sioux City IA-1360 and KWKW Los Angeles CA-1330.

Quite a productive morning, I have to say. I’m curious about whats hidden in the rest of the file, and even more about what’s in the one that I recorded one hour before.

As usual, you find the last updated version of the AIH22 log here.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 log update, December 23

The work with examining the AIH22-files continues. Today I listened through a recording from the 1st of December between 04:25 and 05:30 UTC. There was nothing really special to report, A lot of EU QRM and, of course strong signals from the more common North American stations. However, KHPY Moreno Valley CA-1670, KQWB West Fargo ND-1660 and CJOY Guelph ON-1460 were all new stations for me, and KSUM Fairmont MN-1370 was a delightful surprise!

Tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve, but I think I will have time to at least start listening to the very interesting files from the morning of November 30.

The last updated version of the AIH22 log is found here.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 log update, December 22

Phooh! It was hard work, but now it’s done! I’m now finished with examining the recording from the last 2,5 hours of the AIH22 Expedition. Today I examined the spectra between 530 and 790 kHz. Although there was a lot of familiar signals and callsigns heard, I noticed quite a number of stations that I’ve never heard before, such as WAYY Eau Claire WI-790, WJR Detroit MI-750, WSB Atlanta GA-750, CFZM Toronto ON-740, XEX Estadio W Cd. de México-730, CKDM Dauphin MB-730, WLW Cincinatti OH-700, CKOM Saskatoon SK-650, WSM Nashville TN-650, CFMJ Toronto ON-640, CKRM Regina SK-620, KSJB Jamestown ND-600, WMT Cedar Rapids IA-600, WEZE Boston MA-590, XEAV Canal 58 Guadalajara-580, WNAX Yankton SD-570, KMON Great Falls MT-560, WSAU Wausau WI-550 and CBGA Matane QC-540.

Quite a nice bunch of new ones, where I rank KSJB-MT, WMT-IA and WNAX-SD as the best ones, with XEAV Canal 58 Guadalajara and WEZE-MA as very close runner-ups.

Well, that was 2,5 hours. Still got 70+ hours to go. So many Terabytes, so little time… 😉

The latest updated version of the AIH22 log is found here.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 log update, December 19

Time for another log update. Got some more time for listening through a portion of the last AIH22-file from December 1, and this time it’s frequencies between 800 and 970 kHz that has been examined. Interesting stations found, worth to notice, is: KBUL Billings MT-970, KQAQ Austin MN-970, KMA Shenandoah IA-960, WNTD Chicago IL-950, XEQ Bésame 9-40 Cd. de México on the offset frequency of 939,875 kHz, WSUI Iowa City IA-910, XEW W-Radio Cd. de México-900 and WBAP Fort Worth TX-820.

The latest version of the AIH22-log is found here.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 log update, December 13

Did some “IQ-file listening” yesterday evening, and the AIH22 log has been updated with stations received in the morning the 1st of December in the spectra between 980 and 1110 kHz. Interesting stations worth to mention is KWWN Las Vegas NV-1100, XESP Radio Noticias 10-70 Guadalajara-1070, XEEP Radio Educación Cd. de México-1060, KGFX Pierre SD-1060, KJJK Fergus Falls MN-1020, WCUB Twin Rivers WI-980 and KKMS Richfield MN-980.

Latest updated version of the AIH22 log is found here.

More to come…

73’s de Hans

First “embryo” of an AIH22 log…

Hello all!

Ok, I have posted the first update to the AIH22 log. From a total of 75+ hours of Excalibur IQ-recordings, I’ve examined 2,5 hours. There’s still a few hours to examine, so to speak. I’ve begun from the last hours of the AIH22 expedition. The log consists of these hours, and some loggings from real-time listening.

I will add new loggings continously, as soon as I’ve examined more of the IQ-files.

You find the AIH22 log here.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 Day #8, December 1

20121128_121033First of all, sorry for not writing any update yesterday. I was pretty tired when I came home, after a whole night listening and recording seanse, cabin cleaning and then driving home. Stations from the east coast of North America begun to appear rather early on the evening the 30th of November, together with stations in the Caribbean area and Venezuela, depending on which antenna I was using. Throughout the night, conditions was pretty good and I choosed to focus on the X-band and the graveyard frequencies. There was plenty of signals in the X-band, and a constant growl also on the GY-frequencies, where stations were fading in and out all the time – almost like DX:ing the UK frequencies in the 80’s and 90’s!

I’m at work right now (yup, 12 hour watch on Vardø radio immedealy after an intense DXpedition) and has no access to my log. I spent a few hours yesterday evening listening through the last one of my Excalibur IQ-files. Quite a number of interesting stations was received in the morning hours, for instance WTAW Brazos Valley TX-1620 and CHHA “Radio Voces Latinas” Toronto ON-1610. French speaking CJWI Montreal QC was also heard on 1610 kHz. More to come, as I have listened through the files.

Even if it’s nice to come home again, I could easily have spent one more week in Aihkiniemi. This is an amazing QTH! Extremely quiet, which allows reception of signals that would be impossible to even detect in a populated area. For those of you, who never have experienced a “real” DXpedition, I can recommend a trip to Aihkiniemi without any hesitation. The location is easy to access from just about any direction, acommodation is excellent and the prize tag is very sympathic. All in all, I would say that one week in Aihkiniemi represents the “Best Bang for The Buck”! Visit for more information about how to get there.

Now the real fun starts, i.e. examining the 75+ hours of Excalibur IQ-files that I have recorded. It will take a lifetime, I guess, but it also means that the Aihkiniemi experience will last forever, or at least until I’ll get there again. Right now it’s very easy to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator”, saying “I will be back…”.

My AIH22 post’s will be updated with a few pictures the coming week, and logs will be uploaded frequently as I have examined my files. Watch out for the new category “AIH22 logs”.

73’s de Hans

AIH22 Day #7, November 30

020Preparing for the last night in Aihkiniemi for this time. It’s a very bright and starry night, and the temperature has dropped to a whopping -24C. The coldest evening during AIH22, and I’m very glad that I have my arctic parka to use when going out to “take a leak” every now and then. I have not done so much real time listening today, as I needed to prepare for my departure, and besides that, I made a last try to fix the 160 degree beverage, without success. It seems that the coax is either short connected or is completely off, most likely is this caused by rodents “chewing” the cable. Due to this my activities on the radio was limited to IQ-recording, but conditions was excellent and I think that I did some nice catches – that I don’t know anything about – yet!

Around midnight, the MW-band opened up nicely towards Brazil and La Plata and for a long time I enjoyed “Nacional Deportivo” on ZP1 Radio Nacional de Paraguay on 920 kHz, while recording the rest of the band. Later on, LR9 Radio America-1190 and LS6 Radio Buenos Aires-1350 was examples of strong La Plata signals on the band.

The morning conditions towards North America was pretty much the same as the two last days, with lots of activity on the graveyard frequencies. Stations fading in and out all the time. I was listening in real time for a short time, an hour or so, before going out for some more “snow-and-antenna-walking”, and interesting stations noticed was WSSP Milwaukee WI-1250, KKDZ Seattle WA-1250, CJYE Oakville ON-1250 and KTIX Pendleton OR-1240. I also had a station on 1240 kHz, which jingled “Kay-Enn-Zee-Why”. I’ve checked all possible variants of this jingle, such as KNZY, KMZY, KNCY and KMCY without any luck. Probably the callsign of a FM-station, simulcasted on AM. Any help with this one is highly appreciated.

Right now hunting on the Iberia frequencies. Hope to find some new SER, COPE and OCR stations. Iberia DX-ing is not what it once was. A pity. Oh well, at least COPE Huelva-1224 was a new one for me. Hope to find some more new ones in the upcoming windows. Also hoping that conditions is on my side also tonight. Ethiopia is strong also this evening on 1044 kHz and the proton density has been increasing today.

@00:10 UTC: SFI=113, A=3, K=1, Velocity=342.3, D=2.7

@12:05 UTC: SFI=113, A=3, K=1, Velocity=348.4, D=9.2

@18:10 UTC: SFI=113, A=3, K=1, Velocity=334.9, D=7.5

Next update will be the final one, and which will be written when I’m back home in Vardø again, tomorrow evening.

73’s de Hans