Monthly Archives: August 2013

Well, I’m still here…

Oh my… Time flies! Well, due to an unexpected heavy workload, I haven’t been able to do any updates, nor examined any files from the AIH22 expedition for the last couple of months. I’m sorry for that, but now my working life is getting back to something that looks pretty normal.

So, since last week I’ve started to continue the examination of the AIH22 IQ-files (a log update is coming) and I’ve started to make plans for the upcoming MW-season. I decided to try a new QTH near Vardø, and I’ve bought a caravan which now is located in Komagvær, between Vardø and Vadsø. This looks like a pretty good QTH, with a good takeoff towards Asia and Pacific. Guess it will work OK towards North America as well. Time will show. I’ve also booked two weeks in Aihkiniemi, in December and in February 2014, for two AIH-Expeditions.

This friday I will drive to Aihkiniemi to help Martti and the group with some antenna work and measurments. I will stay until saturday, and I guess it will be a fun evening to spend together with the gang. I will update the blog with pictures and info when I’m back from AIH.

73’s for now!