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AIH22 log update, December 11, 2013

Have spent a few days with examining IQ-files from the first day of my AIH22-expedition. Although conditions during the first 24 hours wasn’t too good due to a high speed stream from a corona hole, some interesting signals was received. There was a lot to hear from Asia. Quite a number of Japanese and Chinese stations was logged, and besides the two Adelaide stations 5AN-891 and 5RN-729, the Asian highlights was DWIZ Aliw Bc. Corp. on 882 kHz and Metro Bc. Corp, Hong Kong on 1044 kHz. Radio Pakistan, Lahore on 630 kHz was also noted with a local ID at 18:00 UTC.

Due to the pretty rough conditions, not much was heard from North America besides the most common stations. However, WEAV Plattsburg NY on 960 kHz was a pretty big surprise with a clear ID at 0059 UTC. From Central America / Carribbean area, WIPR “Maxima 9-40” San Juan PR, came in with a big signal on 940 kHz during the morning hours the 25th.

As usual, you find the latest updated version of the AIH-log here.

73 for now, more will come in a few days!


Making a REALLY serious effort here…

…to be finished with all the IQ-files from my AIH-22 expedition in late November 2012. Yes, I’m still here, but job has kept me from DXing seriously this fall and early winter, and besides that – conditions has been more or less crappy anyway. Let’s hope that the beginning of 2014 will surprise us with improved conditions on frequencies below 2 MHz.

I’ve found som pretty interesting stations in my recordings from Aihkiniemi, and there will soon be an updated log posted for you.