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Aihkiniemi; AIH42 DX-pedition approaching

Hi all!

Right now preparing for my AIH42 DX-pedition in Aihkiniemi, Finnish Lapland, November 29 to December 6. I’m planning to use two SDR-receivers, the Elad FDM-S2 with Studio 1 software and the Afedri SDR-NET v3.0 with SDR-console. In addition I will also use my trusty Eton E1, primarely for checking pacific stations on shortwave (still looking for The Cross on 4755 kHz, hihi). The fantastic AIH antenna farm will be loaded via two excellent preamplifiers from Advanced Receiver Research, one preamp per SDR receiver (the E1 will share antennas with the FDM-S2 by means of an passive splitter).

I have no high hopes regarding the conditions. This autumn and early winter has been a mixture of flares, CME’s, Aurora Borealis and geomagnetic storms, in combination with short periods of pretty useable conditions. I hope, however, for a few days with the trans-polar path open for signals from North America and the Far East. We’ll see what happens.

There will be no online updates while I’m in Aihkiniemi, but I will have the first log-draft ready for publishing as soon as I’m back home in Vardø again.

Fingers crossed now…