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AIH42 log update; December 26

It’s Christmas, and I got time for some more listening on the AIH42-files. Found some nice additions to the log, and among these CKTB-ON 610, KFGO-ND 790, WDFN-MI 1130, WCHB-MI 1200, WTRX-MI 1330, WWWL-LA 1350, WXXI-NY 1370 and KWBE-NE 1450 was of particular interest.

Last updated version of the AIH42-log is found here.



Aihkiniemi DXPedition; AIH42 Expedition Report and log draft



It was hard work, but now the AIH-42 Expedition Report and log draft is finished, at last! As per today, I have only examined some 20% of my recordings from Aihkiniemi (Nov. 29. – Dec. 7.) very briefly. I have still many TB’s left to check, mainly Europe and Asia, but also many hours of North America-reception. The AIH-42 log will be updated as soon as I have possibilities to do so.

Any comments and/or suggestions are more than welcome and very appreciated!


73’s Hans