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“I demmand you confirme reception report!”

screamAs manager for coast radio station Vardø Radio (LGV), I receive reception reports from DXers every now and then, mostly from Europe, but I have actually also received a report from New Zealand on one of our SITOR-B transmissions on 8 MHz. However, most of the reports are from reception of our NAVTEX or DSC transmissions in the MF-spectra, and most of them are correct. These reports are of course confirmed by letter and some information material. It’s not very often that I receive a fake reception report, until last December…

I mid-December I received a reception report from a “DXer” in Italy, whom I will have the courtesy to remain anonymous. The “DXer” had “heard” a NAVTEX transmission from Berlevaag Radio(!!) on 518 kHz. Well, first of all: There hasn’t been a “Berlevaag radio” for many decades. Yes, the transmitter facility and antennas are still there, remotely controlled from Vardø. But, there has never been transmitted as much as a “milli-bit” NAVTEX from that site, and it’s not likely to happen in the future. Second: the time of reception and so called “proof” of reception all made it so totally obvious that it was a fake report.

Well, I wrote a kind answer by e-mail to the guy, telling him that it was impossible for me to confirm a transmission that never had happened, and I included the schedule for our transmissions in all modes in the MF-spectra. Didn’t hear anything from him again, until today…

“I demmand you confirme reception report” was his answer, in an e-mail that I received when I was about to go home for the day. That made me decide to stay at work for yet another five minutes – writing an answer to this “DXer”. I told him that it was not likely that he would receive many QSL’s writing fake reception reports, and his generally rude attitude. I also told him that a real DXer never demands a station to confirm a reception report, a real DXer asks kindly to have a reply. A QSL is a courtesy, and the station’s staff answers reports and verifies reception if, and only if, they have time to do so – if the report is correct, that is. I sent him the e-mail, hoping that he finally had understood and went home…

Obviously, he hadn’t understood a thing. After writing and sending a few reports myself, I decided to check my work e-mail, to see if there was any late incomings of importance. Well, there wasn’t. But there was a reply from the “DXer”:

“Fuck you you stupido stupido man!”.

Thanks and goodnight, everyone 🙂


QSL’s received in December

Radio Pakistan, Bahawalpur-1341

KMVI Kahului HI-900
KIKI Honolulu HI-990
KNDI Honolulu HI-1270

North America:
WGAN Portland ME-560
WTMJ Milwaukee WI-620
CFBC St. John NB-930
KMA Shenandoah IA-960
WEPN New York NY-1050
WWVA Wheeling WV-1170
KPOW Powell WY-1260
WSKO Syracuse NY-1260
CJBK London ON-1290
WIRL Peoria IL-1290
WORC Worcester MA-1310
KWOR Worland WY-1340
KRNT Des Moines IA-1350
WDEA Ellsworth ME-1370
KSUM Fairmont MN-1370
KLIZ Brainerd MN-1380
CKPC Brantford ON-1380
WOC Davenport IA-1420
WVEI Worcester MA-1440
WXTG Hampton VA-1490
WDLR Delaware OH-1550
CKDO Oshawa ON-1580
KREL Colorado Springs CO-1580
WAUB Auburn NY-1590
CHHA Toronto ON-1610
WTAW College Station TX-1620

Utility & Navtex:
Tallinn Radio-2182
Hopen Meteo-2182
Tórshavn Radio-1641
Cyprus Radio-518
Malta Radio-518
Split Radio-518
Reykjavik Radio / Grindavik-518
RCC Haifa-518