QSL’s received in January

A bit late, but here’s is what’s been verified in January:

North America
WSAU Wausau WI-550
CFZM Toronto ON-740
WJR Detroit MI-760
WBBM Chicago IL-780
WHAS Luisville KY-840
WOKY Milwaukee WI-920
WEAV Plattsburg NY-960
CHRF Montreál QC-980
KDKA Pittsburgh PA-1020
WTIC Hartford CT-1080
WLIB New York NY-1190
WCMC Wildwood NJ-1230
WMKI Boston MA-1260
WMID Atlantic City NJ-1340
KSUM Fairmont MN-1370
WXXI Rochester NY-1370
WABH Bath NY-1380
KCLK Asotin WA-1430
KWBE Beatrice NE-1450
WGVU Kentwood MI-1480
KOKC Oklahoma City OK-1520
CBEF Windsor ON-1550
KNZR Bakersfield CA-1560
WAAM Ann Arbor MI-1600
CJLO Montreál QC-1690
WPTX Lexington Park MD-1690
South America
LRM991 Radio AMerica, San José-1630
Utility / Navtex
La Maddena Radio-518
Mondolfo Rado-518
Irakleio Radio-518
MSI Sweden / Grimeton-518
MSI Sweden / Gislövshammar-518
Tórshavn Radio-518
Netherlands Coast Guard, Den Helder-518
Oostende Radio-518
Corsen MRCC-518
Malin Head Coast Guard Radio-518




About Hans

Male. 50 years young. DX:er since 1980. In September 2011 I moved up to Vardø on Vardøya Island (EU-141) to start working as manager for the Coast Radio station in Vardø. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity to work with the thing that I think is the most interesting in the whole world - Radio! My main interest is, yeah - you guessed right: Radio. I'm a ham radio operator, holding the callsign LA2MOA. My main radio interests is low power operation and low band DXing on the amateur bands, but also mediumwave and tropical band DX-listening. I'm also interested in angling, fly-fishing and fly-tying. The area around Vardø offers some great opportunities to do all of this. And, since I'm of swedish origin, I'm also madly interested in ice-hockey and since 35 years I'm a hardcore supporter of Rögle BK in Ängelholm - one of the few really true hockey clubs left in Sweden.

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  1. J.D. Stephens

    Hans: Congratulations on the many great QSLs you have received these last few months. I enjoy visiting and reading your blog posts. You have received QSLs from some Mediumwave Broadcasts stations for which I have not yet been able to obtain a QSL reply. Can you inform me about your verifications from CFZM-740, WLIB-1190 and WDLR-1550? Do you have verification signer names you can provide to me? Did you send your DX report via snail mail or e-mail? I hope you can help me with this information. Thank you in advance for your reply, best of DX, and 73 – J.D. Stephens

  2. Tjena, Hasse

    Hittade din redovisning om DX och antenner. Mycket intressant!

    Har själv en Sangean ATS-909, som jag ska börja motionera.


    • Oj! Såg inte denna förrän nu… ATS-909 är en trevlig liten sak, som faktiskt har riktigt goda prestanda på mellanvåg. Kanske du skulle bygga dig en liten avstämd “bordsloop” som förstärker upp signalerna lite, så kan du börja jaga lokala britter och spanjorer på MV. Asien och nordamerikastationerna som jag redovisar här, kräver lite större antenner, och så använder jag SDR-mottagare (där jag kan spela in hela MV-bandet samtidigt, för senare analys). 73!

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