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KJCR Billings MT-1240

KJCR was heard Februakjcr-1240ry 7, which was the very last day of the AIH55-expedition. A report with a very nice audio clip, containing the station’s legal ID, was sent last week. Yesterday evening, I received a nice e-mail reply from Roy Brown, the Executive Director at the station, who confirmed my reception of this very nice addition to my Graveyard-collection.

KEXO Grand Junction CO-1230

Another very welcomed addition to the Graveyard-collection. KEXkexo-1230O-1230 was received in the beginning of February, during the AIH55-expedition. A number of reports and follow up’s was sent to the station, but no response until co-DX:er Ole Forr pointed me in the right direction. Yesterday evening, I received a very nice reply from Ed Chandler at the station, who confirmed my reception of Western Colorado’s Sports Leader. Nice. Colorado-station #16, and USA-station #300!

KXTL Butte MT-1370

KXTL-1370 was heard in Komagvær with a good signal
November 2nd last year, and v/s Chris Ackerman kxtl-1370
replied with a nice e-mail verification on my follow
up, that was sent two days ago.

“Southwest Montana’s Talk Radio Leader” is a station that has been heard on a number of occasions, both in KOMA and AIH. Montana-station #6 bagged and boxed, and I’m pretty sure there will be more of them to find next time in AIH.


WRED Westbrook ME-1440

Actualy, WRED is a station that I beleive is a little easier to hear further south along the west coast of Norway, but November 30 last year, “The Big Jab” was heard in Komagvær with a pretty good signal. Today I received a nice e-mail verification from Dave Schumacher. Dave, who among many other things, can be heard in “The Morning Jab with Shoe and Joe” – the program that was promoted in the audio clip that I sent to the station. A really nice catch, as stations from Maine are not that common up here in the northeasternmost part of the Norwegian Arctic.


KKBJ Bemidji MN-1360

Got a very quick reply from Mark Ricci at KKBJ, who confirmed my
reception ofkkbj-1360 the station last season in Komagvær. KKBJ, which is running a Talk-format under the brand “Alway’s Right!”, is not the most common station on the frequency, so it was indeed nice to get it verified.

KHHO Tacoma WA-850

This is a pretty scarce station, a bit difficult to hear because the frequency normkhho_logoally is heavily dominated by KOA in Denver CO. However, on the morning of February 5, the propagation was very selective and favoured stations from the Pacific Northwest in AIH. Actually, not even a bit of a signal was heard from KOA on the 335-degree beverage, and at 07 UTC, I was lucky enough to catch a very nice legal ID from KHHO. Reception report was sent today, and a very rapid answer was received from Rich Moore, the very same Rich who confirmed my reception of KJR-950 already in February this year.

KWG Stockton CA-1230

KWG in Stockton, licensed the 7th of December 1921, is one of the oldest stations in the United States, and also considered to be the first commercial radio station west of the Mississippi River. After carrying many different formats during the years, KWG is now carrying a Christian Talk-format, and is owned by Immaculate Heart Radio. The station was heard the 1st of February during the AIH55-expdition. v/s James Tejada, Operation Technician at Immaculate Heart Radio verified my report which was sent a week ago. Nice to grab another scarce graveyarder.kwg

AFN Okinawa-648

Nice reply this evening from George A. Smith, Chief Affiliate Relations/Public Affairs Officer/Broadcast Operations, who verified my reception of AFN Okinawa with a nice e-mail and a PDF-QSL attached. The station was received already the first day of the AIH55-expedition. Nice one!


KCSJ Pueblo CO-590

One of the better loggings during the AIH55-expdition. KCSJ
was loggkcsjed the 3rd of February, and a reception report was sent pretty much immedeately after coming home from the expedition. Nothing happened, though, until yesterday afternoon when I sent a follow up. A short, but very fast reply from Jason McCollim at the programming department, who confirmed my reception. A really nice one!

KVI Seattle WA-570

KVI-570 was heard in AIH in February, and was yet another of the new ones which was logged during one of the excellent openings towards the Pacific Northwest that I experienced during the expedition. Got a very nice reply via e-maikvil yesterday evening from Rick van Cise, the Program Director at KVI and KOMO. A couple of years ago, Rick verified my Ultralight reception of KOMO-1000, which was the first station from one of the Lower 48 states that I had received with Ultralight equipment (KBRW in Barrow AK was the first North American UL-DX). Anyhow, it was nice to see that Rick is still around and I know that he appreciates reception reports from Scandinavia!