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KIML Gillette WY-1270

A very nice “Pre-Christmas-QSL” from KIML-1270, kiml-1270
which was heard with a nice legal ID, February 7 in
Aihkiniemi. v/s Terry Michael, Program Director at the station, answered my follow up report with a verification e-mail. Wyoming-station #5, so it was indeed a very welcomed QSL!

QSL’s received in November

BBC Three Counties Radio-630
AFN Okinawa-648
KNR Qeqertarsuaq GRL-650greenland-knr
CBK Watrous SK-540
CBX Edmonton AB-740
CBW Winnipeg MB-990
CHFC Churchill MB-1230
KVI Seattle WA-570
KCSJ Pueblo CO-590
KPOJ Portland OR-620
KBYR Anchorage AK-700
KHHO Tacoma WA-850
WISN Milwaukee WI-1130wisn
KSOO Sioux Falls SD-1140
KWG Stockton CA-1230
KEXO Grand Junction CO-1230
KJCR Billings MT-1240
KCCR Pierre SD-1240
KKDZ Seattle WA-1250
WGBF Evansville IN-1280
KWKW Los Angeles CA-1330
WLOL Minneapolis MN-1330
KTIK Nampa ID-1350
KKBJ Bemidji MN-1360
KXTL Butte MT-1370
KLIN Lincoln NE-1400ktik1
KEDO Longview WA-1400
WRED Westbrook ME-1440
KMED Medford OR-1440
KUTI Yakima WA-1460
KELA Centralia-Chehalis WA-1470
KKAN Phillipsburg KS-1490
KOZN Omaha NE-1620
WQLR Kalamazoo MI-1660
KFSG Roseville CA-1690

KFH Wichita KS-1240

Yet another nice graveyard-station found it’s kfh-1240
way into my QSL collection. KFH-1240, which was heard the very last day of the AIH55-expedition in February. Tony Duesing, the PD for both KFH and KNSS, replied my report with a short e-mail verification.