Fixed antenna system (planned, but not realized for the MW-season 2012-13)

This is the fixed system that I’m planning to use this upcoming MW-season. Compared to the system used last season, the two loops will have a somewhat larger curcumference. On each loop the HDLA-amplifier/matching unit will be connected in the lower apex facing the desired listening direction. In my case, I want to favour reception from northwest and northeast and everything in between. In the lower apex of each loop, facing undesired directions, a 1 KOhm terminating resistor is connected. This will (hopefully) attenuate noise from nearby buildings and unwanted signals and QRM from southwest and southeast.

As you can see, the system can be defined as two phased KAZ-loops. Both loops are mounted on the same pole, in 90 degrees angle from eachother. This is far from ideal, but due to lack of poles and real estate, I don’t have any other choice than to do it like this right now. The loops are, however, separated in height. I do have high hopes for it’s performance the upcoming MW-season. But, just like all other antenna systems – this one demands real life usage in order to prove it’s useability.

Fixed antenna system (MW-season 2011-12)

This is the antenna system that I used the previous MW-season. Each loop is 18 meters in circumference and both loops is supported by the same 6 meter fiberglass pole (swedish army surplus).

More information about the HDLA antenna is found here.

Portable antenna system, 3 x 200 meter Beverage On Ground (BOG)

This is the system that I use when I’m listening portable from my car, in a noise- and QRM free location. It consists of three BOG’s, each is 200 metres long, which I quite simply lay out directly on the ground. I normally direct the BOG’s in 310 and 340 degrees for North America and 050 degrees for the Asia/Pacific area. The system has proven to be quite useable out on Cape Skagen here in Vardø where I use this system from late August to late October, before the weather conditions makes it impossible to listen portable.

Quantum QX loop v2.0

This is a great little antenna, with impressive specs. In fact, there are some users saying that the QX is a better antenna than the legendary Kiwa-loop. I haven’t had any possibilities to do a side-by-side test between the Kiwa and the QX (I don’t have the Kiwa-loop anymore), but I have the feeling that I didn’t hear more, or “better”, DX on the Kiwa. The QX is quite small, which makes it a perfect “on-the-go” antenna, useable in noise-free environment’s when it’s difficult or impossible to use wire antennas such as my BOG’s. The QX has very sharp nulls and some very interesting features, making it a quite useful tool. I’m using it at home together with my Drake R8A receiver, and when I’m listening from a cabin very close to the Barents shoreline, where it’s impossible to use wire antennas. I have loopheads for the MW-band, and the tropical bands from 2-6.2 MHz. You can find more info about this excellent antenna here. (Picture from

Tecsun AN-200 Passive Loop Antenna

Although it appears like a toy, it isn’t. This is actually quite an impressive little loop that I’m using when I’m DXing ultralight, in combination with my modified Tecsun PL-380 (or other small receivers). The antenna is really capable of boosting up weak signals, has very nice nulls and is very selective. With this antenna, inductively coupled to the very good Degen DE-1103, I have logged stations like Sudan-1296, Bayrak Radyosu-1098, Xinjiang PBS-1107, TWR Puttalam-882, Radio Bahrain-801, JOLF NBS Tokyo-1242, Jiangxi PBS-729, Guangxi PBS-792, All india Radio-648, Jilin PBS-738, Ras-Al-Khaimah Bc Stn-1152 to mention a few, and all this from my bedroom(!). This antenna really works, and since it’s available for less than 20 bucks on eBay, it’s a good choice for the DXer on a budget or the one who wants to try DXing ultralight.

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