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AFN Tokyo “Eagle 8-10”-810 kHz

Friday the 5th of october offered a pretty good opening into the Far East and Japan. One of many stations heard this afternoon was AFN Tokyo on 810 kHz, which was heard simoultaneously with a couple of chinese stations on the frequency. However, I was able to pick up, and record, an “Eagle 8-10” ID together with a PSA from National Public Radio in the growl on the frequency and after some “detective work” with finding a useable e-mail adress to the station, I got an answer from MSgt Greg Bluethmann, the station manager at Eagle 8-10, who told me to send the report directly to him. After a few days I got the very much appreciated QSL from him:


           Thanks for resending that clip to my civilian e-mail address. I can confirm that’s is our radio station, “Eagle810” on AM 810. We use a 50K watt transmitter, so I know it’s amazing how far the signal can go when the atmospheric conditions are just right. Thanks for engaging with us, and I’ll be sure to let the rest of the station personnel know how far reaching our signal is. Take care.



MSgt Greg “Blue” Bluethmann

Station Manager

American Forces Network (AFN), Tokyo”

The audio clip is found here. Yes, you need to listen carefully to hear the ID. Greg managed, and so will most of you guys.

DZAS “Agapay ng Sambayanan”-702 KHz

One of many stations received during last weekend’s listening at the Smelror QTH, was DZAS, a FEBC broadcaster on 702 KHz, located in Valenzuela, the Philippines. Well, WRTH say’s the station is located in Valenzuela, while Asiawaves say’s it’s located in Bocaue. In any case, both places are within the Metro Manila area. I heard the station at around 13:50 UTC, October 5, while they were broadcasting the “Heartline” phone-in programme, focusing on relationships. A few days ago, I e-mailed a reception report with an audio clip of what I received, and a few minutes ago I received an answer from Marc A. Deles, who is the Operations Manager at the station:

“Hi Hans,

I appreciate your effort of sending us your reception report. Yes, I acknowledge that it is our program Heartline, a telephone counseling program that deals with relationships. The hosts are Atty. Winnie Salumbides and Carmen Go Vargas at 9:30pm-11:30pm Philippine time.




Operations Manager

702 DZAS “Agapay ng Sambayanan”

Far East Broadcasting Company, Philippines”

The audio clip, with parts of the “Heartline” programme, is found here.



KTWG Hagåtña, Guam-801 KHz

When examining the Afedri recordings from the Smelror DX-session last weekend (and beleive me, I’ve got plenty of them), I found a strong station on 801 KHz, playing non-stop religious contemporary music at around 14:50 UTC, October 5. At the full hour I got the ID “You’re listening to […] KTWG, Hagåtña, Guam”, followed by some information about the upcoming programmes that day.

I immedeately prepared an audio clip of the ID and e-mailed it to the station, and after just 3,5 hours I got answer from miss Leilani Dahilig, who writes:

Hello, Hans!

Or perhaps I should say “Hafa Adai!”, which is our local greeting. I am very pleased to be able to confirm your recption of our signal at KTWG – AM800. I enjoyed listening to the recording you sent with your email and once again as in other reported recptions of us, I am surprised to hear how well the signal sounds, especially considering the distance and ‘urban noise’ as you put it!

Thanks for reporting your reception of KTWG and perhaps you’ll catch us again sometime! Blessings to you, sir!

Leilani Dahilig – KTWG-Guam/Pacific

The audio clip of KTWG is found here.

Now, continuing with examining the Afedri recordings. I’m finished in a day or two, and will get back to you soon.

73’s! Hans


…I’m soon with you again! Right now examining the Afedri IQ-files from the listening session last weekend out on the Smelror QTH. I experienced a totally insane opening on the MV band into Japan, Korea and the North-eastern corner of China, bordering North Korea. I’ll be back with a full report as soon as I’m finished.


First aussies in the log…

The last two weekends, I have been out listening in “the bush”. During these two occasions, I tried a new QTH on the mainland side in Vardø community. In some aspects this new QTH is a bit better, since it’s giving a bit more room for my three BOG’s. Some rather interesting DX has been heard during the last two weekends; on the 23rd of September, 5RN ABC Adelaide on 729 KHz was finally in the log. Two days ago, on the 29th, 6PNN ABC Newsradio, Busselton, Western Australia was heard on 1152 KHz in the afternoon with BBC programming. Together with that, Radio Nepal in Kathmandu was a great surprise on 792 KHz in the afternoon on the 29th of September.

I have a lot of Afedri-recordings to investigate as a result of the latter DX-sessions, and will be getting back to you all with more news later on. I’ll be out in the bush also during the upcoming weekend, and hopefully there will be some new cathes worth to mention. I’m still waiting for that first real opening into North America, hi!