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Off to Aihkiniemi!

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m heading for Aihkiniemi and the AIH68 expedition, together with Finnish Co-DX:er Ronny Klemets. AIH68 “officially” starts up at noon on saturday. There will be no updates here in the blog while I’m on the expedition, but the full story will be published here when I’m back home again!

May The Force… etcetera…

AIH42 log update; December 26

It’s Christmas, and I got time for some more listening on the AIH42-files. Found some nice additions to the log, and among these CKTB-ON 610, KFGO-ND 790, WDFN-MI 1130, WCHB-MI 1200, WTRX-MI 1330, WWWL-LA 1350, WXXI-NY 1370 and KWBE-NE 1450 was of particular interest.

Last updated version of the AIH42-log is found here.



Aihkiniemi DXPedition; AIH42 Expedition Report and log draft



It was hard work, but now the AIH-42 Expedition Report and log draft is finished, at last! As per today, I have only examined some 20% of my recordings from Aihkiniemi (Nov. 29. – Dec. 7.) very briefly. I have still many TB’s left to check, mainly Europe and Asia, but also many hours of North America-reception. The AIH-42 log will be updated as soon as I have possibilities to do so.

Any comments and/or suggestions are more than welcome and very appreciated!


73’s Hans

Aihkiniemi; AIH42 DX-pedition approaching

Hi all!

Right now preparing for my AIH42 DX-pedition in Aihkiniemi, Finnish Lapland, November 29 to December 6. I’m planning to use two SDR-receivers, the Elad FDM-S2 with Studio 1 software and the Afedri SDR-NET v3.0 with SDR-console. In addition I will also use my trusty Eton E1, primarely for checking pacific stations on shortwave (still looking for The Cross on 4755 kHz, hihi). The fantastic AIH antenna farm will be loaded via two excellent preamplifiers from Advanced Receiver Research, one preamp per SDR receiver (the E1 will share antennas with the FDM-S2 by means of an passive splitter).

I have no high hopes regarding the conditions. This autumn and early winter has been a mixture of flares, CME’s, Aurora Borealis and geomagnetic storms, in combination with short periods of pretty useable conditions. I hope, however, for a few days with the trans-polar path open for signals from North America and the Far East. We’ll see what happens.

There will be no online updates while I’m in Aihkiniemi, but I will have the first log-draft ready for publishing as soon as I’m back home in Vardø again.

Fingers crossed now…


AIH22 log update, January 20, 2014

Well, it seems that “re-examining” IQ-files is a good idea, and very rewearding. Just spent a few hours with listening to recordings from the morning the 1st of December 2012, and I found no less than five(!) new stations between 1580 and 1640 kHz, that I didn’t hear during my first examination of the IQ-file. Quite a few surprises and all very nice loggings in my opnion:

KIRT Mission TX on 1580, WCGO Evanson IL and WGBW Denmark WI on 1590, KEPN Lakewood CO on 1600 and finally WKSH Sussex WI on 1640 kHz.

Hm. Guess I already know what I will do tomorrow. Yes, continue down in frequency in the very same IQ-file. I’m pretty sure there is more good stuff just waiting to be found. However, this also tells me that there never will be a “final log” of the AIH22-expedition.

Speaking of logs: the last updated AIH22-log is, as usual, found here.

By the way, if weather permits, I’m going to the “DX-caravan” next weekend. Perhaps propagation is good enough to bring in some interesting signals. Who knows.



AIH22 log update, January 11, 2014

Well, the Aihkiniemi log is definetely growing, but there’s still a whole bunch of files left to be examined. I don’t really have any really “fancy” stations to report this time, even if WTMJ Milwaukee WI on 620 kHz and CJME Regina SK on 980 kHz both was new stations for me. Saskatchewan is generally a bit tricky, for some reason, so it was indeed nice to get yet another SK-station in the log.

Last updated AIH22-log is found here.



AIH22 log update, January 3, 2014

Hi all!

Exactly as I suspected yesterday, the IQ-file recorded between 15:35-15:40 UTC, November 25, did contain quite a number of NHK2-stations with c/d-procedures and local ID’s. Managed to snug four new ones; JOCC NHK2, Asaikawa on 1602 kHz, JOID NHK2, Oita on 1467 kHz, JORB NHK2, Kochi on 1152 kHz and JOLB NHK2, Fukuoka on 1017 kHz – with an excellent signal!

In addition, I also found two new chinese stations with good and clear ID’s: Anhui RGD Xiashuo Pingshu on 1395 kHz and Sichuan RGD, Shengdu on 1116 kHz.

Chinese stations are tricky to identify, right? Yes, they indeed are. However, this excellent article by Mika Mäkeläinen is a great help, and I recommend that all who are interested in Asia and China DX-ing reads it.

To the article.

Last updated AIH22 log is found here.



AIH22 log update, January 2, 2014

Well, the work with examining IQ-files from the AIH22-expedition continues. Recently, I have listened through some files from the morning hours and early afternoon, November 25. Although conditions wasn’t very good, I found some nice signals from the US, Canada and Alaska: KCJB Minot ND-910, CKBI Prince Albert SK-900 and CHAB Moose Jaw-800 was new ones for me, although not really any rare catches, and from Alaska KCHU Valdez-770, KBBI Homer-890, KSRM Soldotna-920 and KSLD Soldotna-1140 were all new additions to the AIH22 log. A rather funny curiosity was that I, for the first time in my 33 years as a DX:er, managed to copy an ID from BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal on 990 kHz – And this happened at the same time as when the signals from Alaska was at their best!

The early afternoon produced some nice signals from Asia and the Far East. Stations worth noting: Shandong RGD-1548, Chifeng RGD-1512, TPBS Shenghuo Pindao, Yangliuqing-1386, Taizhou RGD-1341, Nei Menggu RGD Mongol Sce.-1152, Liaoning Zonghe Guangbo-1089, Hulun Buir RGD Mongyol-954, Liaoning RGD Rural-927, HLKR KBS1, Gangneung-864 and Hubei RGD, Wuhan-774 with a massive signal at 14:00 UTC.

Tomorrow I will work through a couple of files recorded around 15:40 UTC. Perhaps there will be some NHK-stations with nice local ID’s, we’ll see.

As usual, the last updated AIH22-log is found here.

AIH22 log update, December 11, 2013

Have spent a few days with examining IQ-files from the first day of my AIH22-expedition. Although conditions during the first 24 hours wasn’t too good due to a high speed stream from a corona hole, some interesting signals was received. There was a lot to hear from Asia. Quite a number of Japanese and Chinese stations was logged, and besides the two Adelaide stations 5AN-891 and 5RN-729, the Asian highlights was DWIZ Aliw Bc. Corp. on 882 kHz and Metro Bc. Corp, Hong Kong on 1044 kHz. Radio Pakistan, Lahore on 630 kHz was also noted with a local ID at 18:00 UTC.

Due to the pretty rough conditions, not much was heard from North America besides the most common stations. However, WEAV Plattsburg NY on 960 kHz was a pretty big surprise with a clear ID at 0059 UTC. From Central America / Carribbean area, WIPR “Maxima 9-40” San Juan PR, came in with a big signal on 940 kHz during the morning hours the 25th.

As usual, you find the latest updated version of the AIH-log here.

73 for now, more will come in a few days!


Making a REALLY serious effort here…

…to be finished with all the IQ-files from my AIH-22 expedition in late November 2012. Yes, I’m still here, but job has kept me from DXing seriously this fall and early winter, and besides that – conditions has been more or less crappy anyway. Let’s hope that the beginning of 2014 will surprise us with improved conditions on frequencies below 2 MHz.

I’ve found som pretty interesting stations in my recordings from Aihkiniemi, and there will soon be an updated log posted for you.