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Excellent blog for Ultralight DX aficionados!

Paul Blundell, a DX:er and radio amateur living in Tasmania has an excellent Ultralight DXing blog. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t discover it until today (shame on me), but I have already added it to my list of favourites. This is a great resource for all UL-DX-aficionados!

Here’s the link:



Some updates…

Hi all!

The antenna and equipment pages on this site has been updated this evening. Have a look and say what you think! Also, I created a new page dedicated to ultralight DXing only, where you among other things will find my complete ultralight DX log from March to April this year.



Ultralight MW DXing

Being a ham and an avid QRP-operator, I love new challenges in the radio hobby. I’ve decided to give Ultralight MW-DXing a really serious effort this year. I’m excited about the definition of Ultralight DXing, the heart and soul of the whole concept, which states that the DXer who are using ultralight equipment “...intentionally limit the capabilities of their equipment to increase the challenge and to highlight DXing techniques and knowledge…”.  Well, to me this means that Ultralight DXing is the BCB-DX relative to QRP-operating in amateur radio. QRP-operators are very often saying that “power is no substitute for skill” – which is true, and that “less is more” or just “QRP IS!!”. Well, all of this is true and indeed applicable also in Ultralight DXing. Less definetely IS more and large monster antennas in combination with sophisticated receivers is no substitute for skill. Sure, big antennas and multi-buck-receivers really helps – but the most important parameters in being a successful DXer is access to a quiet QTH, a pair of good ears and skillful DXing-techniques.

It will be interesting to explore this wonderful new aspect of the DX-hobby!

Ultralight IS!!