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Unid’s: Rowdy Radio promo on 1540 KHz

Okey. Here’s a tough one. Heard in the morning on January 15 up in Vardø. Frequency is 1540 KHz and the station is doing a promo for “Rowdy Radio”, which is a hardcore country show. No ID was heard while the station was audiable in the noise. At the same time 1570-CKMW Winkler MB was heard. The unid station on 1540 is announcing a Rowdy Radio event on 1 AM Central time. I don’t think it’s KXEL, since this seems to be way out of their format. The question is: what station, or stations, on 1540 carry the Rowdy Radio Show?

(Audio clip removed to save space on



Update: Ok, mystery solved. It was indeed KXEL with a promo for Red Eye Radio. Thanks to co-DXer Odd-Jørgen Sagdahl for helping me out with this one!

UATV(?)-1350 KHz… HELP!!

Anyone who can help me with this one? On saturday afternoon I found a station on 1350 KHz, identifying itself as “UATV, Your Public Service Channel”. I have checked UATV on Google, and find UATV-University of Alaska TV, which is a university pubilc service station. What I don’t find is any information about which station(s) who are carrying UATV on Mediumwave. Not in the NRC AM-Log, not in WRTH and not on Google.

Anyone having ANY information about this “spooky” station?

I’ve uploaded an audio file, which you will find HERE.

Update: It’s likely that the station is UNTV, which is a public service station in Quezon City, Philippines. The question remains, however, what station was retransmitting UNTV on mediumwave? I’ve got some indications suggesting it may be DZXQ, Metro Manila.




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