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Things are getting better: Midnight sun’s gone!

We’re getting there! The MW-DX season 2012/13 is getting closer for every day now. A few days ago, the sun disappeared below the horizon for an hour or so, and each night is getting a couple of minutes longer. Around November 21, the sun gets below the horizon 24/7 and we will not see it again until around january 21. Although 24 hours of daylight is bad for DX, the midnight sun is a beautyful sight, isn’t it?

73, s



Yet another unusual thing: No wind!

Here’s another thing that doesn’t happen too often on the Barents shoreline: No wind! But don’t worry, wind will come back. Plenty of it.



Thunderstorm approaching Vardø

Well, it doesn’t happen very often, but this aftornoon we had quite a thunderstorm approaching from the northwest and over Vardøya island. The temperatures the last few days has been pretty high (yes, over 16 degrees Celsius is considered almost “tropical” up here in the arctic clima zone). Anyway, I took a picture of it, sorry for the poor resolution – my cellphone camera doesn’t allow anything better than this – and although there isn’t any visible lightning in the picture, the sky was amazing.

By the way, at the right in the picture, one of the 60 meter high MF-transmitter towers of Vardø radio is visible. We have four of those here. Luckily enough, we only transmit during a few minutes every third hour on medium frequency, and never on the full hour, so it’s actually possible for me to erect my phased HDLA-loops here and do some serious DXing, hi!



Sun’s coming back…

ImageMuch better weather today, than it has been for several weeks. The sun has been over the horizon for about two weeks, but it hasn’t been visible due to ice-fog. This picture was taken from my work at 10:40 UTC today. Note the 5m fiberglass pole, to the right of the chapel, housing my phased HDLA-loops. You can click on the picture to see it better.

Some interesting african stations on shortwave today; Radio Télé Candip on 5066,3 KHz and Dunamis BC, Kampala on 4750 KHz during the late afternoon. More about these two loggings later on. Right now Radio Congo is quite good on 6115 KHz.